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Automated Traffic Enforcement Camera Programs

Why did I get this citation?

For Red Light Violations - A vehicle that was either registered or leased in your name was photographed by an automatic camera that was connected to a traffic signal. That camera is only active when the light is red. Any vehicle that crosses the stop bar after the light changes from amber to red is detected automatically by such a camera and two photographs along with a video are captured.

For Speed Violations: Vehicles traveling in excess of the posted speed limit in locations monitored by automated cameras are detected automatically and two photographs are captured.

Note: The date, time, location and red light length are encrypted on each photograph.

Is this citation considered a traffic ticket?

No, this citation is not considered a traffic ticket. Rather, it is a civil citation holding the registered owner or lessee responsible for the violation. It can be compared to a parking ticket.

Will this go on my driving record?

No, the citation will not go on your driving record.

Will this violation be reported to my insurance company?

No, the violation will not be reported to your insurance company.

Can I contest this citation?

Is this program legal?

This automated red light enforcement program is operated in accordance with your town's ordinance.